GLEAM by Raven Kennedy: Creative Blog Tour + Spoliery Thoughts + Mood Boards + Giveaway

Today I’m excited to participate in the Bookstagram & Creative Tour for Gleam by Raven Kennedy hosted by MTMC Tours. Book 3 of this adult fantasy series continues in this epic story inspired by the myth of King Midas, fae, fated romance, and insurmountable greed.

Title: Gleam
Series: The Plated Prisoner #3

Author: Raven Kennedy

Publication Date: May 31, 2021
Genres: Adult, Fantasy

Purchase a copy: Amazon | Book Depository | Indiebound | Blackwell’s
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“I don’t choose him. Not anymore. I’m choosing me.”

King Midas made me the woman I am today. Notorious. Unattainable. His.

The thing about being confined is that you believe it’s to keep the bad out. …Until you realize it’s about keeping you in.

I’m now in a strange kingdom surrounded by liars, with no allies of my own, but I won’t sit idly by and let myself wither. No, there’s something that’s bloomed from the pit of my repression. Something dark. Something angry.

But the last thing I expected was for my anger to call out to him. King Ravinger.

He’s sinister and powerful and entirely too seductive. I’ve learned my lesson with trusting manipulative kings, so why does my chest constrict every time he’s near? I need to tread carefully, or I’m at risk of losing much more than just my freedom.

Regret and revenge war inside of me, and I need to figure out a plan fast before I get tangled up in the schemes of kings and queens.

Because I won’t be caught in a cage again. No, this time, it’ll be me setting the trap.

…I just hope my heart comes out of this unscathed.

Please note: This is an adult fantasy series with dark elements that may be triggering, including Stockholm Syndrome and emotional manipulation, as well as explicit romance scenes. Read at your own discretion.

The Plated Prisoner series:

Mood Boards

There is sooo much that I can say about Gleam, all of which positive. I didn’t think the series could get any better but Gleam took it up quite a few notches. There are two things that stood out the most for me here- Auren’s superb character development (she was phenomenal), which I tired to showcase in my ‘Auren’s Development’ mood board:

I loved seeing her fight for her freedom, loved seeing the way she kept putting Midas in his place and become the strong willed female she was meant to be. This moodboard is a collection of her progress throughout the book, from the metaphorical cracks in her gilded cage to the final sentiment of her taking her gold back (-literally that ending was just 🔥🔥).

And second, of course our Commander/King Rip/Slade (which swoooon, seriously Auren and Slade are in my top fave couples of all time):

I also have to say, Gleam has some of my favorite quotes of all time (I’m pretty sure I highlighted more than half the book) and some of the ones I wanted to showcase were the ones that display what is initially Auren and Slade’s whole relationship dynamic, so QuoteBoard below:

I’m also bringing back my moodboards from when I read Glint because I am dying to see where Malina’s story leads:

INTL Tour-wide Instagram Giveaway!

Head over to my Instagram account to enter the tour giveaway where you can win your choice of any book in The Plated Prisoner series! Ends on September 25th, 2021. Winner will be announced on @mtmctours’ Instagram account.

INTL Tour-wide Blog Giveaway!

Enter the Rafflecopter below to win kindle copies of all three books in The Plated Prisoner series!! Ends on September 25th, 2021. Winner will be announced on the Rafflecopter and contacted via email by MTMC Tours.

About Raven Kennedy:

Raven Kennedy writes in a range of genres, including fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, dark romance, and romcoms.

Whether she makes you laugh or cry, she loves creating worlds and making characters you can root for.

She is a California girl born and raised, drinker of tea, and lover of dark chocolate. When she’s not writing, she can be found binge watching The Office and The Great British Baking Show, or with her nose stuck in a book.

Website | Instagram | Goodreads

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