The Road Trip: Review


Addie and her sister are about to embark on an epic road trip to a friend’s wedding in the north of Scotland. The playlist is all planned and the snacks are packed.

But, not long after setting off, a car slams into the back of theirs. The driver is none other than Addie’s ex, Dylan, who she’s avoided since their traumatic break-up two years earlier.

Dylan and his best mate are heading to the wedding too, and they’ve totalled their car, so Addie has no choice but to offer them a ride. The car is soon jam-packed full of luggage and secrets, and with three hundred miles ahead of them, Dylan and Addie can’t avoid confronting the very messy history of their relationship…

Will they make it to the wedding on time? And, more importantly… is this really the end of the road for Addie and Dylan?

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


silver slip of a starlit girl

*holds hands together in doe eyed childhood bliss* YOOOO HOOOOO I HAVE A NEW OBSESSION

WHY WHY wHy WHYYYY is this all I can think about this past week??? Like Addie? Dylan? Yeah they literally are running through my mind rent freeeeee and I can’t say Im not elated about it.

I truly think Beth O’ Leary has a talent. The way she flawlessly weaves and puts together each sentence and chapter is a talent. The way she effortlessly pulls so much emotion for readers is a talent.

The Road Trip is the first book that I’ve read by Beth and I now need every single one of her books stat because I am floored with how amazing it was.

First off, just the concept of this novel. Being stuck in a car with your ex when things didn’t end on the best of terms while also getting then and now DUAL timelines was interesting to say the least. To see the dynamics of the relationship as it first developed (and then failed) and now in the present just made it all the more moving and impactful.

She writes things like this “This summer’s when you wake up, isn’t it, and you’re only just getting started. You’re just beginning to play around, and he’s nearly ready to give up and settle down and say, This is who I am, I’m done.” which makes this a coming of age story but a realistic one that delves into topics such as toxic relationships/friendships and the way they can negatively impact someone’s life. I find this incredibly interesting and majorly important and was so glad to see portrayed here. The fact that it’s a relationship that can’t exactly be cut off all the way too (specifically talking about Dylan and Marcus’ friendship here) makes it all the more prominent. Seeing Dylan make the decision to get help for himself and Marcus, seeing Addie struggle with the aftermath of her and Dylan’s relationship and then proceed to come to terms with it all to have to go through it again at a time where they’re both older and wiser is so very necessary.

I feel like in relationships, it’s important to get individual help and grow individually before you can fully give yourself to the other person and that was accurately shown in Addie and Dylan’s relationship and I really enjoyed seeing it. It’s a second chance romance/ a coming of age self discovery/ and the true definition of right person wrong time type of novel but one that’s done really really well.

I loved it. I loved seeing Addie and Dylan, and all the other characters that I just love dearly, both in the past and present. I loved their development, their journeys together and individually. The writing. The story. Just everything.

If you are a fan of romance, contemporary fiction, stories with character development, mental health development, stories that are real, or even romcom movies then this is a stable book and one you definitely need to read.

Also small suggestion: do listen to Taylor Swift on repeat while reading this (especially champagne problems) makes the experience of reading Addie and Dylan’s story all the more consuming.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the earc in exchange of an honest review.

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