What is Wonderland?

Ever Alice Review

“How can something be wrong with anyone? If I’m me, I can’t really be anything I’m not.”

Have you ever wondered ‘What is Wonderland?’

What compelled Lewis Carroll to create the distinctive, eccentric world of Wonderland?

Was it creativity? Was it insanity? A pile of nonsense strung together?

HJ Ramsay’s new novel Ever Alice delves deeper into the world of Wonderland furthering the question while shining a new light on the world itself.

Ever Alice is set in the world of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and follows the same characters but a couple of years later. Two years later to be specific. Alice is older and viewed as ‘mad’ by her parents and society because her mind is stuck in the world of Wonderland. Whereas in Wonderland itself, Rosamund, the Queen of Hearts, is spiraling into her own madness.

First I’d like to say, I think Ramsay truly captures the essence of Wonderland and the characters. It all felt very natural and very much so an extended, older version of Alice in Wonderland but with a twist.

I think whether you’re a fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or just a fan of interesting stories with intricate complex characters, you will really enjoy this book.

If I’m being completely honest, I liked this a lot more than Carroll’s original tale. Alice in Wonderland was perfect for me as a child thinking about these creative worlds that are fun and lively and filled with interesting characters. But as an adult, Ever Alice does have all that but also really brings to light mental health and makes you question what you’re reading. It opens up so many topics and follows a plot that not only is interesting but entertaining.

I found the story and the different characters and aspects added into the story very humorous and reminiscent of my childhood but also made me really wonder at the way a person might view the world.

I loved it. I loved reading it, I loved the mental health issues it was hinting at but not really outing so each individual could interpret the story however they saw it. I think it’s really hard for an author to show mental instability through actions without outright stating it but Ramsey did a phenomenal job with it.

With everything really. The world of Wonderland, the old and new characters, the thought process of the main characters, it was all done very well. You get the authenticity and accuracy of the original story but with Ramsay’s style thrown in and it makes for a wonderful novel.

And the ending…. I’ve never been this impacted by an ending before. All of it was done so cleverly well that I’m blown away. I’m amazed at Ramsay’s way of making a reader second guess everything.

Definitely one of the most riveting, thought provoking stories I’ve ever read.


4 thoughts on “What is Wonderland?

  1. The synopsis for Ever Alice sounds so intriguing! Interesting review, especially when you mentioned the questions that appear when reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I‘ve never thought much of it, but that’s precisely what makes Alice so fun in the first place, the wonder and curiosity those outlandish settings can spark. I will have to look up Ever Alice some time, it does sound complex in a fascinating way!


    1. It is very interesting! One of the reasons why I loved this so much is because it definitely expands on the wonder and intrigue of the world of Wonderland but also brings to light a different side of the world that I really enjoyed. I hope you get to pick it up sometime, I’d love to hear what you think of it 🙂

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