The Positive Side of a Reading Slump

So you may be wondering, “Is there even a positive side to a reading slump?”

Why yes, yes there is.

While in a reading slump, you can (but are not limited to):

1. Binge watch that tv show you’ve been watching for two years but have never finished because of books (and possibly discover others you won’t finish for another two years).

2. Take up Knitting

3. Accomplish a goal off your bucket list.

4. Explore the outdoors *snort*.

5. Redecorate your home.

6. Discover a new hobby.

7. Get shit done.

So, you can accomplish many many things as listed above. Another positive side of a reading slump — No book hangovers. No book boyfriends to obsess over. No cliff hangers to cry about. No paper cuts.

I recently went through the worst reading slump I have ever been in. Throughout the whole debacle, I kept thinking to myself, well since I’m not reading, might as well do some productive things. I did a tally of all the amazing things I got done and they are, as follows:

Shit I Got Done During My Reading Slump: 0

Hobbies Discovered: 0

TV shows binged: 0

Amount of times I “explored the outdoors”: .5 (had to get my mail)

Goals accomplished off my bucket list: -3

Amount of ways I redecorated my home: 1 (threw a blanket on my couch, it looks quite nice actually)

YouTube Edits I Watched During My Reading Slump: 536

So, as you can see, I did nothing.

Nothing at all.


You would think since I can’t really focus on reading or be utterly consumed by a story, I would not be as distracted and get so many ‘amazing’ things done.


There is no positive side of a reading slump. That’s a lie. All you do is mope around and cry and agonize over the books waiting to be read (more than usual). AND you can’t really focus on anything because you want to read but it’s just not happening.

But I did learn something during this reading slump that I think is very important.

Don’t force it. If it’s not happening, it’s not happening. Take a break, do what you want, have fun. If you’re happy then why make yourself miserable by obsessing over something that’s not in your control?

Reading is supposed to be fun and relaxing and something you look forward to, not something you’re dreading.

But if you are in a reading slump and are desperate to get out of it, you can:

1. Try rereading a favorite

2. Try picking up a different format (i.e audiobook, ebook)

3. Try picking up a different genre

4. Watch booktube videos because those seem to always put me in a reading mood

5. Take a break

If nothings working, then take a break, don’t push yourself. Be happy.

2 thoughts on “The Positive Side of a Reading Slump

  1. This can’t be more true! There are many supposed-perks to reading slumps, but most of the time I find it difficult to do anything except browse the internet or loaf around in general. Perhaps reading slumps require great amounts of concentration and a deep sense of motivation to overcome, but in the meantime it’s not that simple either. Reading slumps are just all too capable of sapping our energy


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