How To Properly Rate A Book

“What’s the correct way to rate a book?”, you ask.

Well frankly, I don’t know.

To be completely honest, I struggle with rating books and reviews. 

I find it really hard to put into words all that I’m feeling and exactly what I’m thinking after finishing a book. 

And I find it even more difficult to rate a book a star rating. What makes a book deserving of five stars? Or one star for that matter?

I struggle because I know that for many books, star ratings can make or break that book. Many readers, myself included, decide to read or not read a book based on how many stars it has. To me, it seems so cruel to rate someone’s work, possibly a work that has been in progress for years, work that took so much time and effort, a star rating that may or may not be good. It all just seems so grim.

So the question today, how to properly, rate a book?

I have my own system of giving out ratings, as I’m sure many readers do, and my system is as follows:

My review process is fairly simple.

If a book makes me emotionally distraught (wether positive or negative) I will rate that book high. I think if an author can have me caught up in my feelings in such a dramatic way with their words/story, then that author/book more than deserves a high rating. 

If I enjoyed the book and I was emotionally invested but something fell flat or I felt like something was missing it would be a four star rating. 

If I wasn’t really feeling it but can acknowledge it’s a good book and has some redeeming qualities (even if there were parts that didn’t sit well with me) then it’s 3 stars. 

2 stars (a rare rating) it made me cringe and I was rolling my eyes and I wasn’t into it at all,couldn’t find anything I even remotely liked about it, I just wanted it over with (it was terrible but I don’t like to give 1 star ratings). 

I never rate a book 1 star, if it’s that terrible, I’ll save myself the torture and DNF it and I never rate a book I DNF’d. 

I do sometimes mix two ratings together, and sometimes I go completely off whatever process I have but for the most part, I try to stick to this system and it works for me.

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