Daisy Jones & The Six: Riveting? or Forgettable?

I’m sure we’ve all read and loved The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

I mean, it’s the reason I picked up Daisy Jones & the Six.

It’s the reason I welcome being tortured by books.

Evelyn Hugo is a MASTERPIECE.

And so, the question today is: How do I rate Daisy Jones & the Six?

I am struggling with this rating. Do I rate it as a follow up to Evelyn Hugo? Or do I rate it as if I haven’t read Evelyn?

If I’m rating in as its own, not having read and loved Evelyn Hugo, then it would definitely be a five star read. 

But as it is, while listening to Daisy Jones (the audiobook was amazing, more on that later) I couldn’t help but compare it to Evelyn Hugo and all that it was lacking.

It started off great, I was into it, I was invested (possibly a bit too invested) and I was excited and distressed and agitated and so curious of this band and these characters and where their story would lead. 

It looked like it was all leading up to this point, this inevitable destructive point that would destroy me and I was ready for it. I was ready to be devastated, to hurt the way Evelyn Hugo made me hurt. 

But then it fell flat. It sort of felt like I was running a marathon at 5 mph and I was suddenly jerked back and stopped and didn’t know why. I was looking around but didn’t know how or why I got to this point. I didn’t even remember what I was running towards or for. 

Everything that made Evelyn Hugo significant, the big reveal, the resolution, the ending of questioning everything (is this going to happen, is it not?) all of it wasn’t as intense, wasn’t as remarkable in my eyes. 

I don’t know how else to describe it besides saying it fell flat. It all seems so insignificant, not as remarkable as Evelyn Hugo, not as emotionally shattering and overwhelming. 

It was a great novel, an amazing story that I’m so glad I read, but I can’t help but compare. 

However if I wasn’t comparing: 

It’s an incredibly beautiful and unforgettable story that felt so real and raw and I absolutely love how the author writes fictional stories that are so close to reality that you feel it in your very soul. By the end of Daisy Jones, I felt like I’d been through hell and back with Daisy, with Billy, Camila, ALL the characters. It was hard for me to step out of this world and step back into my mind. It feels like a part of my life is still very much involved with this story and it’s a bit of a struggle to face a reality where Daisy Jones & the six don’t exist. 

I’ve settled on a 4/5 stars and am somewhat satisfied with my rating. It was certainly riveting and definitely unforgettable (even a week later and Daisy Jones still consumes my heart and mind). I loved it but I can’t help but feel the lack of a climax and resolution that was satisfactory.

The audiobook, however, deserves a 10/5 stars. It was phenomenal. Not only does a full cast really bring the characters to life and make the book that much more compelling, but this cast specifically brought it to life and so much more. I could feel every bit of emotion, all the pain, the sadness, the joy in each and every narrators voice and it is one of the best experiences in my life. Truly magnificent.

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